Top 10 Tricks Auto Insurance Companies

By: GeraldOchoa

Top 10 Tricks Auto Insurance Companies Use About Misleading People

Auto Insurance Companies know how to make us trust them. They spend huge amounts on targeted advertising campaigns that we cannot escape no matter what.

Famous celebrities are hired to make potential customers believe they are “the good guys”, even though they are often the exact opposite. In the worst case scenario, they force people to pay high premiums and end up giving away thousands of dollar without reaping any benefits.

Insurance lets us live our life without worrying about what might happen to our financial freedom. We need to have health insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

It is important to be aware of all the tricks employed by your car insurer. No matter how sympathetic you are, you can bet that your insurance company will take every dollar they can from and withhold it from you.

It isn’t personal, it’s business. Wilshire Law firm cares deeply about its clients so we made our own list of 10 top tricks car insurance companies use for misleading people.

Keep this handy when you speak with an Auto Insurance Companies agent.

1) They claim your insurance policy doesn’t cover your accident

To avoid paying your claim, car insurance companies will stop at anything. They could claim that it was a third party’s fault or even attempt to place blame on you through manipulation of your words.

2) They spy secretly on their customers

Car insurance companies employ secret investigators to monitor you. Their goal is to capture you performing an act that isn’t permitted by your insurance policy.

Avoid being stalked. It is crucial to be honest with your accident insurance company.

3) They reduce your injury by creating disillusionment

Insurance adjusters should never give medical advice or diagnoses to you. A doctor will determine the best treatment for you and any rehabilitation options.

This could not only affect your financial future, but also your long-term health. Your health is your greatest asset.

4) They delay the processing of your claim

Car insurance companies make no money from claims and will ignore you if you file a claim. Their goal is to get you to withdraw from your claim or accept a low settlement. Or worse, they want you to die.

You will likely get a call from your adjuster to update you on the status of your claim. It is very rare for this call to come, and even if it does it will usually be just to inform you that your paperwork is still being processed. There is no timeline.

5) They will ask you to give your medical records

Without consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer, you should never release your medical records to an insurance company after an accident.

Insurance companies will tell you they care about your health and offer advice. But all they do with your medical records will be looking for loopholes in your claims, which will allow them to give you less than what you deserve.

6) They will pay you money for you to sign a Release

The pressures of mounting medical bills combined with lost wages (both from an accident) can put a severe hold on your financial position. In this moment of weakness, car insurance companies may try to exploit you.

It is vital that you resist their attempts to get you to sign a waiver as a condition of your acceptance of an “offer”. This will allow them to avoid future liabilities for any injuries which could have severe financial consequences.

7) They coerce and force you to admit your fault

It is not a good idea to admit fault on the spot of an accident. If you are the one at fault, it is best to avoid speaking at all. Even the simplest statements of regret and sorrow can be made into an admission of guilt.

It is vital that you consult a lawyer immediately if you feel threatened by your insurance company to falsely confess guilt in any manner, shape or form.

8) They make you feel like your best friend and increase your rate

This may be the most important thing that you need to remember when speaking with your insurance agent. While they appear friendly and pleasant, in reality, their job is to get as much money out of you as possible.

They will literally be fired if you don’t stop them from trying to con you into paying more. You should remember that they are not there to serve you. They don’t get paid if you, the injured party, are covered.

9) They will force you to record a statement

An adjuster will contact you shortly after your accident. This is false. Tell them you won’t oblige and that you will need to have your lawyer present before any facts can discussed. Your insurer may try to alter your story to make it smaller or even deny your claim.

10) They lie and claim you don’t need a lawyer

A Wilshire Law Firm’s award-winning lawyers are the worst nightmare for adjusters. Insurance companies of all sizes, large or small, should be afraid of our skilled attorneys. They have won massive settlements for clients in cases that would otherwise have received small payouts.

Our team of legal professionals will not only help you obtain the maximum amount from your insurance company but we will also help manage any other expenses and keep them to a minimum.

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