Housecreep: Where Stigmatized Properties

By: GeraldOchoa

The homepage for housecreep explains that the verb “housecreep”, which means to search and expose secrets, criminal histories, and unsolved mysteries in homes, is used as a verb. Housecreep is now our favorite real estate website.

Housecreep exposes some of the darkest aspects of real estate. Their slogan is “Where walls speak – murder homes, grow ops and sketchy apartments, haunted properties, and other stigmatized property exposed.”

It really housecreep  speaks to my horror-loving, macabre psyche

The site offers a few links that you can check out: Famous Homes Near Me, Haunted Houses Near Me (Murder Houses Near Me), Drug Lab Busts Near Me (Drug Lab Busts Near Me), and Famous Homes Near Me (Famous Homes Near Me). You can also enter your address to see what happens. I tried to find my home address, but got no results. Although I was tempted to go digging for some dirt, it is likely that this is a good, comfortable, and anxiety-free conclusion.

Although searching a la carte is a nightmare, you can still enjoy their features. These feature groups like houses together for your perusal. These are some of our favorites:

Three Homes That Could Have Been Featured In ‘Breaking Bad

  • Three Homes where Infamous Killers Lived
  • Three Homes with Unexpected Discoveries
  • Five Homes You Won’t Want To Visit for Halloween

True crime and horror fans may want more information than what is presented. You can either go to the links provided or dig for additional info (like I did when I discovered about a missing woman’s body that was found business travel jobs inside a false wall in her home after 28 years).

Housecreep Spooky & Scary

A larger database is possible (tell me the location of your nearest murderer, dangit!) Housecreep can certainly be slay with more original content and a larger database. The concept isn’t without its flaws.