How to Cut the Cost of Car Insurance in a Few Minutes

By: GeraldOchoa

Switching to a different provider could help drivers save hundreds of pounds per year on their car insurance. However, most people remain on the same policy and end up paying far more than they should.

Financial Conduct Authority has ordered insurers to stop increasing prices for loyal customers when they renew. However, your current insurer may be less expensive or better for you. It’s worth checking prices.

It is simple to compare car insurance prices using comparison websites. You can find the lowest prices from a wide range of insurers within five minutes. Customers can also compare the quality of policies and determine if they are a better deal than their current provider.

Compare policies to find the best deal

This is the best way to save money on your Getting Temporary Car Insurance In Ontario. If drivers shop around for their car insurance, they can save hundreds of pounds.

Online comparison services can help you save time and effort. Enter your details to see the prices. You can change the amount you’re willing to pay, the mileage that you will drive and receive new quotes.

Consider a telematics (black box) policy

Black box policies allow the insurer to install a system in your vehicle to monitor your driving. This policy is intended to reward drivers who drive safely.

Many of these devices are targeted at younger drivers, who can significantly reduce their premiums and prove themselves to be a responsible driver by installing one.

Any motorist can get one. These devices, also known as telematics or telematics, measure your speed, acceleration, brake force, and safety.

Pay attention to how many drivers are listed

A second way to reduce premiums is to make sure that regular drivers are included on the policy.

A young driver who is inexperienced can make it difficult to drive a vehicle with a higher engine or larger capacity.

The youngest driver will have an impact on the premium, although he/she may not be eligible for a no-claims bonus.

Insurance companies are also cracking down on fronting. This is where parents insure cars under their names for their children in order to reduce costs.

If you are the policyholder for a car that is being driven by your children, make sure you have declared otherwise.


Drivers will have the option of paying the entire year upfront or monthly instalments when they take out a new policy.

Many people choose to make monthly payments because it saves them from having to spend a lot of money at once. However, if you are able to afford your annual premium upfront, you may be able to save some money.

Your no-claims bonus is protected

Protect it with a long, no-claims bonus. This is the best way to reduce car insurance costs.

You can protect your no-claims bonus by claiming on your car insurance up until a certain limit or under certain circumstances without affecting your bonus.

Although this may raise the premium by a few more pounds, it pales in comparison to the possible loss of a 90% discount on a premium that is several hundred pounds.

The definition of a protected bonus without claims can differ between insurers.

Your voluntary excess should be increased

Two parts make up car insurance excesses: the compulsory excess and the voluntary excess.

The voluntary excess is the amount that a driver agrees not to pay towards the claim cost. It can be modified when you get a quote or buy a policy. A driver who increases their voluntary excess usually leads to a lower premium.

The compulsory excess is set by your insurer and cannot be modified or negotiated.

The insurer will assess the driver’s information and determine the risk based on their driving history, age, and car type.

Make sure you secure your car

Drivers can save around 5% by fitting an approved alarm, immobiliser, or tracking device.

These are standard equipment on many newer cars. Make sure to check and declare them.

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of theft, deterrents for thieves can save you time and money in the long-term.

You should look for devices that have been approved by Thatcham – This industry standard is recognized by most insurance companies.

Do fewer miles

Insurance costs can be reduced by driving less. Driving fewer miles means you will drive less and are less likely to be in an accident. In this way, insurers will tend to favor lower premiums and take a lower risk.

GoCompare research shows that car insurance is 13% cheaper if you have 9,000 miles instead of 10,000.

You must also be truthful about your annual mileage, as any inaccuracy could jeopardize any claim.

You may be eligible for a lower rate if your use coverage is not in force.

Keep your car safe

Clear out your garage and make room for your car. Insurance companies don’t like cars that are left in garages overnight. This can drastically reduce your premium.

Apart from the obvious benefit of not having the car ice-free in winter, it is also more likely that the car will be stolen, so keep it in the garage.