7 Tips for Choosing a Indian Health Insurance Plan

By: GeraldOchoa

7 Tips for Choosing a Indian Health Insurance Plan

In light of the increase in health issues at an early stage of life, it is obvious that health insurance is one the most important insurance policies you can have. Additionally, rising medical costs make it even more important to have a health insurance policy.

However, India’s most neglected insurance type is health insurance. Without any benefits, it won’t cover you if you become sick. Although we don’t want to get sick, it is an inevitable part of life. You must be ready for the financial consequences of any health issue. It is impossible to plan and become sick but it is possible for you to prepare financially for the worst.

India has a number of options for health insurance, including individual plans, family floater, and senior citizen policies. First, assess your needs before purchasing a plan.

Here are 7 tips that will help you choose the right health plan.

You should ensure that you get the best coverage

A health plan should protect you from a wide range medical issues and provide benefits such as transportation, pre- and post hospitalization, daycare costs, transportation, and illnesses you might be at risk due to your family medical history. You should ensure that the policy covers all members of your family when you purchase health insurance. You should consider your requirements and compare the costs and benefits of different plans to ensure you choose the right plan.

Keep it affordable

While it is important that you choose a health plan that is right for you, it’s equally important that the plan suits your budget. The most important thing when purchasing health insurance is your budget. However, it is important to consider the plan benefits first before you look at the cost of the plan. You are better off buying affordable health coverage from the beginning to ensure you are adequately covered. The premiums are also reasonable. As your income increases, your family size, and other factors change, you can update your plan to increase coverage.

Choose family health plans over individual health plans

Individual plans can be a good option for people who don’t have family. To get the best health insurance for your family, consider purchasing a family health plan. You will receive maximum benefits at an affordable price.

You can renew your plan for life!

Check to see if the plan covers you for a certain amount of years and if it is able to be renewed. Why? Because later years are when you’ll need your health insurance most. You should choose health plans that are lifetime renewable.

Compare quotes online

To ensure you get the right plan for your needs, you can search online for health insurance policies. Online, you can even request a quote. You can simply enter your details and get an estimate for the premium. To make an informed decision, gather the best quotes.

Network hospital coverage

Once you have chosen a list of health insurance plans, verify that your doctors and preferred hospitals are included in their hospital network. A wide network of hospitals is a plus for insurance providers. IFFCO-Tokio allows you to select from over 5,000 network hospitals that can provide quick, convenient, and cashless claims settlement.

High rate of claim settlement

The claim settlement rate is the ratio of the insurance provider’s claims that have been settled to the total number of claims received. A high claim settlement ratio is a sign that you should choose an insurance company. We at IFFCO Tokio have settled 8.61 million claims in FY2019. Our claim settlement ratio is 92.65%. You can trust us.

These are some tips to maximize your benefits while shopping for health insurance. You are making an investment to help you avoid the financial burden of high-cost healthcare costs.

How do I purchase health insurance in India

Let us show you how to buy an Indian insurance plan. This part is simple with IFFCO-Tokio – you can visit any of our 20,000 branches and authorize agents.

They will be there to help you every step of the way. You can also purchase health insurance online. This is a relatively simple process that can be accomplished in just 4 steps.

Log in to our website

You’re correct, your first step should be to visit our insurance page. Once you are there, enter your name as well as your mobile number. You will then be redirected directly to our insurance calculator. There you can choose between individual and family insurance plans. You will then need to fill in some basic details like your date of birth, gender and email address.

Get a quote:

After you’ve submitted these details, our calculator will instantly provide you with a quote for your health insurance. You can customise the quotation by increasing/decreasing the sum insurance and including the add-ons you want. Once you are certain that you have the right coverage you can move to the next stage.


This is where you’ll need to enter all necessary KYC information. First, you will need to fill in your emergency contact details and information about your nominee. You may need to upload additional documents after that.

You will need to pay for the plan

Once you have completed your KYC, it is time to make the payment. You have a variety of payment options and gateways available to you. Once the transaction has been successful, you will receive the policy document in your email. The coverage for your policy will then begin.