Locating a Plumbing Leak

By: GeraldOchoa

Leaks can be sneaky. You might not know where the leak is if you discover it in your home. This quick guide will help you locate and fix the leak that is causing you pain. This is how you can find out where the leak is coming.

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Take a look at your meter

Your water meter can tell what you need to know. This can be more time-consuming than expected. To make sure the readings on your meter are accurate, you will need to turn off the water supply. Turn off all water-using appliances and make sure that your faucets aren’t turned on. After you’re certain that your water isn’t being used, check the water meter. If the indicator keeps moving, it could indicate that there is a leak in your home. You can determine how large the leak is by how fast the indicator is moving.

Examine the Bill

You don’t have to look at the meters. You can inspect your water bill as well as the meter. If you notice an increase in your water bill and are still using the same amount of water, it could indicate that there is a leak. You might need to replace your old home appliances. There may be clogs that are not visible but cause problems, so it’s worth looking into. It’s worth investigating if you suspect you might have a plumbing problem.

Take a look around

Finally, take a walk outside to see what’s around you. This shouldn’t be an issue if the evening is warm and sunny. Even though spring is coming, winter is over and spring is on its way. However, it will still be cold. Before you leave the house, put on your jacket. You might also have water leaking from outdoor water features like hoses and sprinklers.

Investigate Appliances & Fixtures

Check the cabinets under your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom sinks if the water meters indicate a leak. Also, look out for puddles under the water heater, dishwasher, or clothes washer. If you see any puddles around the base of tubs, toilets, and showers, shut off the water supply valve for that fixture or appliance and call a plumber.

Keep an eye out for leaking clues

You can tell when a fitting on your supply line breaks under your sink by the spray of water that comes out. But some leaks can be sneakier. Water may be slowly trickling from pipes within walls and going unnoticed until it causes severe damage.