Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

By: GeraldOchoa

A leaking faucet, a running toilet, or a leaky pipe under the sink are common plumbing issues that homeowners can handle, often without hiring a professional plumber.

These simple fixes can often lead to costly errors – mistakes homeowners don’t realize they are making the problem worse.

We see these most common mistakes in home plumbing and how to avoid them. 

Sending things you shouldn’t down the toilet.

Most people know you shouldn’t flush items down the toilet (like toys and other odd items like feminine products). However, this is the most common mistake in homes with children or young teens.

These items can get stuck along the drain line. This can lead to a clog and, if severe enough, may need to be removed from the toilet.

Too Much Drain Cleaner

While commercial drain cleaners can be great for clearing blockages and other residues, too many of these products can cause more harm than good.

The problem is that commercial drainage cleaners often contain harsh chemicals to break down a clog. If you use them too much, they can eat into your plumbing system’s walls. These cleaners can also be used to destroy PVC pipes.

This is the best way to prevent the problem from ever happening. Be careful what you put down the drain. To solve the problem, first, you can use vinegar and baking soda to loosen the clog. Then you can use a plunger to open the drain. 

Taking apart a faucet and forgetting how to put it back together 

It is very simple to disassemble a water faucet. It can be a bit tricky to put the faucet back together.

A lot of the little pieces that make up a faucet look identical once they are disassembled. Putting it back together can be difficult if you aren’t paying attention.

We recommend you take pictures of your faucet while removing it. This will allow you to see how everything fits together again.

You will not only save time, but it will also save you money if you call us to repair or replace your faucet.

Do not have the right tools before you start the job.

You could end up with more problems than you can handle if you don’t have all the right tools to do the job.

For example, using a Flat Head screwdriver rather than a Phillips screwdriver can damage the head of the faucet screw and make it more difficult to remove.

This can be prevented by researching the best tools before you begin your plumbing project or better still contacting a professional in Malibu.

Over tightening the Connections

You might believe that fittings and pipes are more rigid than others. However, this is not always the case. If you over tighten the elbow, pipe, or coupling, you could crack a galvanized fitting. You could crack the porcelain or cause damage to the toilet by tightening the bolt on the floor for the toilet closet.

This is the worst part. The cracks you create may not be noticed immediately. You may not notice the leak until weeks later.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how tight it is. However, once it feels secure and there is no movement, it is best to stop tightening it further.