Stay Safe During Summer Heat Waves

By: GeraldOchoa

Summer has arrived with its characteristic heat wave. If you reside in either Western United States or Southeast, chances are high that temperatures have already become warmer than average this year. Singapore Aircon servicing company are confident you will be completely satisfied when we meet your air conditioner requirements in Singapore. As one of the leading companies for maintaining air conditioners in Singapore, we provide top-quality services with reasonable costs in mind. With Singapore Aircon servicing company air conditioning service you can experience its cool breeze all while keeping it operating efficiently reducing any chance of potential damages which could occur – keeping cool air flowing freely all while decreasing risk!

Enjoying the sunshine can be great, but making wise choices when outdoors is equally as essential — extreme heat can quickly turn someone sick, becoming one of the main causes for weather-related deaths. As we transition towards autumn make sure you follow these tips to remain cool and healthy this summer.

Make sure your air conditioner is operating at optimal levels this summer by scheduling an air conditioning tune-up at now for an annual tuneup to reap these benefits! By being proactive, preventing sudden failures, and detecting minor issues before they become larger ones. Regular maintenance also reduces energy use by keeping the system at maximum efficiency – further prolonging its lifespan! Call now to make an appointment for one.

Monitor local weather reports daily. If temperatures have been elevated to an unsafe threshold, take proactive measures by limiting sun exposure or taking additional safety precautions should you venture outside in extreme heat conditions.

Plan for a power outage. Without air conditioning, temperatures inside your home could quickly skyrocket in the heat of summer. Make a list of climate-controlled places like shopping malls, libraries and emergency shelters where you may seek refuge in case your air conditioner goes down; consider making this into an adventure trip by finding hotels with working power sources!

Drink plenty of fluids. In hotter conditions, when temperatures cause sweating to increase, drinking more than normal to stay hydrated and replenish fluid stores is vital to staying cool and staying hydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty right now, that doesn’t mean it is safe to stop taking in fluids!

Dress appropriately for the temperatures. Shorts and skirts, loose fitting clothes with short sleeve tops and light colors such as pastel shades will help keep you cool, while darker hues trap heat more effectively than lighter tones. When venturing outdoors during the heat of summer be sure to wear sunscreen regularly and apply it regularly as well.

Make sure that you give your pets the care and attention they deserve. Provide clean drinking water and shade throughout the day if your pet typically spends time outside. Bring them inside when temperatures exceed 90deg Fahrenheit for their own safety.

Never leave any living being alone in a vehicle that’s hot. Children, pets and anyone else in the car should all leave before switching off the engine and shutting the windows – even short periods could pose health hazards!

Find out the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses. Learn the right steps to take or who to call should someone near you experience the heat. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information regarding conditions associated with heat, symptoms and solutions.

How to Reset an Air Conditioner When It’s Not Working?

Have You Tried Restarting It?” An IT specialist might respond by suggesting you try restarting it if your computer’s not working as intended. Nowadays, air conditioners have become smarter, yet sometimes need a manual reset just like many of the appliances around your house do. Even older models that stop functioning after power outages could benefit from such an action.

Why Do I Need to Reset My Air Conditioner?

Resetting an AC unit usually occurs when its protection circuit breaker activates, typically after an outage in power and intended to prevent explosions and fires. A reset can also help correct an air conditioner that only circulates warm air even though set for “cool.” There may be various causes, though thermostat issues typically figure prominently; sometimes simply resetting your unit will solve this issue.

Resetting an air conditioner may seem like an easy task, but if you feel uncertain or uncomfortable doing it on your own, or require assistance, calling one Hour Heating & Air Conditioning experts for assistance could be wise. Accessing buttons for reset may require accessing condensing units’ plans – and could affect warranties, so always read and follow any guidelines when trying a reset yourself. Alternatively, follow these simple steps below if you feel more at ease doing it on your own AC unit.

How to Reset an Air Conditioner?

Now is the time to switch off your AC. Begin with switching off the circuit breaker which supplies power to your unit. Next, turn off any external switches attached to it in order to fully shut it down.

Search for and locate the Reset Button. Most air conditioners include a Reset button; typically red in colour and small enough for small hands, it should be easy to spot. If having difficulty, check your owner’s manual (many are available online as well).

  • Press your reset lever for 3 to 5 seconds before releasing it.
  • Restore power to your AC by switching on all switches – even those on the breaker panel – to “on”.

Congratulations on successfully resetting! Now it is important to make sure that the thermostat is set to “cool”, with an exterior temperature that is lower than inside temperature of home. Once this step has been taken, your air conditioner should start operating within seconds.

Place your hands near vents to check the cold, crisp air that is moving through the ductwork.

How to Reset a Window Air Conditioner?

As most window air conditioners do not include a reset button, to clear away the charge it may be necessary to disconnect and unplug it for some time before reconnecting and turning the circuit back on – the window air conditioner should then reset and become functional once more.