Tips to Tow a Car Safely

By: GeraldOchoa

There are three options when it comes to towing your vehicle: a strap, chain or cable. A tow strap is a better choice than a cable or chain. Given the extreme strain that comes with towing vehicles, you can’t rule it out that any of these items could break. Tow straps are made from strong nylon with hooks at their ends. Long Distance Towing from California is a trusted car shipping company in the United States. Tow straps, despite being quite strong, are actually very lightweight compared to other types towing equipment.

Before towing a vehicle

* A ‘On Tow” sign should be placed at the rear end of the vehicle being town.

Before you use a tow rope or towing rod, make sure it is free from any defects, damage or abrasions. Use a tow rope or towing rod that is damaged.

To disengage the steering lock, turn the ignition switch to the “on” position on the towed vehicle. If the engine is not running, vehicles with power steering or power-assisted brakes (most modern cars) will need more strength and effort to operate.

How to safely tow a car

Tow truck driver must:

Drive carefully, and keep your speed to 60 kph. This reduces the force generated and allows the driver to react more quickly to what is going on.

To prevent the rope from being pulled away, use the clutch gently to pull the car forwards. This can be uncomfortable for the driver and is also the reason why tow ropes break.
Avoid sudden braking. When possible, you should press down lightly on your brake pedal before actually braking. This will illuminate your brake lights and give ample warning to the driver being tow. Towing poles cannot be used to brake the vehicle being town.

* Towing a car requires that you notify the driver in advance to avoid any mishaps.
Avoid sudden changes in direction and excessive maneuvers. The driver being tow will have trouble steering or braking if the engine isn’t running.

The driver being tow must:

To ensure you are aware of all upcoming movements, be sure to watch the indicators and brake lights of the vehicle being tow.

* Drive your vehicle with coordination with the towing vehicle.
To minimize jolting, keep the tension in your towrope and towing pole. You can achieve this by using light brake pressure while being tow. This will help you to prolong the rope’s lifespan by removing it from contact with the road.