Guide to choosing a “Travel Piano”

By: GeraldOchoa

A reader asked us recently about a portable piano. This was a brilliant idea, as I am a Travel piano musician. It’s easy to be inspired in a new environment, and almost as easy to forget to practice, even when you want! So I did some research.

Travel Practice Keyboard below $200

Many of my students have been looking for portable Travel piano to use on vacation over the past year. These keyboards are great options. These keyboards are small and lightweight, as well as affordable. Although they don’t have weighted keypads, they do have great touch sensitivity which can be very helpful on vacation.

Although they don’t have all 88 keys, I think that’s sufficient for a vacation keyboard.

Yamaha Piaggero keyboard is light and touch-sensitive. Yamaha keyboards are fun to use. This keyboard is an excellent choice for those who want a simple and straightforward travel keyboard. You can also charge it with batteries.

Casio Casiotone keyboard is simple and straightforward. The keyboard can be powered by batteries, comes in three colours and has a carry handle. Although I have not tried it yet, it seems like a great option.

A Portable Travel piano for Composing

Amsterdam was the first place I let my nails grow. But, I miss playing with them. It’s a common feeling for pianists to feel the keys.

Consider narrower keys if you aren’t sure you can maintain your nails while on the move. A narrower keyboard will allow you to use your hand space more effectively, be able see and hear the notes on the board better, and make it easier to manage your hands. If your fingers are splayed flat, there’s no point doing Hanon.

Yamaha Reface CP is a portable keyboard that allows you to hear and compose the notes, rather than maintaining your technique. You might also use it to teach online music, as students may be more concerned about the order and range of the notes. The mini keys might work better on their computers.

Yamaha Reface CP is 6 pounds in weight. Seriously. It’s so portable that I would consider it a serious contender for my laptop desk space.

Casio CTK2400PPK includes a stand and headphones for those who can’t hear well. I was concerned that it didn’t have weighted keys. It might be better to have proper keys than if it takes up so much space. Non-weighted keys are not the best for me as a Travel pianist.

This keyboard is lighter than other standing keyboards and can be carried around easily. It’s great for music composition, as it can playback and record. This device weighs 23.7 lbs, so it’s a great option if you want to teach or compose remotely.