By: GeraldOchoa

Being a Travel planners pr agent is not complete without marketing your business to clients. You have so many things to do: manage your social media accounts, website CRM, blogs, emails, and keep up with new travel deals.

Are you seeing the results that your efforts are bringing in business? These ideas can be added to your year-end marketing plan.

Try your 30-second commercial travel planners pr Planners PR

This is often called an “elevator talk” and it’s your chance to present your business in a concise message. You’re sure to meet someone, whether you’re at the school function or shopping at the grocery store. It is important to have your 30-second commercial ready in order to market your Travel planners PR. Boot Camp in our corporate office will help improve your pitch.

Make a Monthly Newsletter by Email

It is easy and efficient to send a brief email from myTravelCRM/Mailchimp to your clients. The current season should be the focus of your newsletter content. Email your clients regularly, no matter what season it is, to offer them tips and travel ideas for any occasion. KHM Travel Agents have access to myTravelCRM email templates for additional content ideas.

You can set up a booth at your local fair or trade show

You can find the right trade show by looking at your local chamber, event center schedule, fairgrounds or calling your nearest mall to arrange a table or booth during a particular time. The best way to increase your leads is to advertise your business to potential clients. KHM Travel Group offers tips for preparing agents to attend tradeshows. ways-to-market-referral-program

Start a referral Programme Travel Planners PR

Word of mouth marketing is easy and low-cost. You can increase your sales by asking clients to refer friends to your travel company or to keep you in their thoughts when they mention travel. Referral programs offer an additional incentive. Referrals can be rewarded with gift cards.

Give away a Prize

Your business will be exposed to a wide audience by giving out items along with your Travel planners’ information. Consider low-cost giveaways your clients would love and could use while on vacation. For brainstorming ideas, we recommend visiting 4imprint ways-to-market-Travel-planners-pr-gear

Advertise Locally Travel Planners PR

There are many advertising options, from newspapers to bulletin ads to pizza boxes to newspapers to newspaper advertisements. Publicly displaying your company name, logo, contact information and other details can help boost your public relations image. Some ideas are more expensive than others. Start small, by placing an ad on your local school directory or church bulletin. See if you get the response that you expected.

Direct mail your Clients

Your clients return home every day to a full mailbox of bills, newspapers, and a note from grandma. Sending your clients something from their favorite travel agent will add a personal touch and some variety to their communications. Consider handwriting a letter or card for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or anniversaries or congratulations on a life event.

Another great resource for direct mail marketing is the Engagement program by Travel Planners pr Leaders Network