Harry and David: Share their Experience

By: GeraldOchoa

The Starting Point for Sharing

In the retail environment, harry and david signature products and unique selling points are commonplace. Public recognition and familiarity with household names is a great starting point to share your brand’s identity with others. Gift baskets filled with Royal Riviera Pears and Moose Munch Popcorn and other premium products are a great way to achieve this goal.

But, too many associations with a particular product or market segment are not necessarily good things, especially if your goal is to transform your company digitally, culture-wise, or internally.

Harry and David were not content with being the “holiday gifting company” forever. The company desired to be a market leader in its field.

Harry and David believes that the buyer is usually not the end user. Most purchases are gifts to friends, family, and acquaintances. It was difficult to establish a dialogue with gift-givers and the whole population of consumers.

Sharing is the key

  • Sharing is the best way to start such a Dialogue

The company’s sharing initiative was launched last fall at the Harvest Festival at Harry and David orchards. It combines all brand touchpoints and creates an avenue for customers to share their thoughts.

The project, called “Share More”, shines a light on Harry and David’s secret operations and opens up new opportunities for transparency and engagement. Harry and David’s story is told through videos, social events, sweepstakes, and other media. Customers are invited to participate in it.

This strategy pays off. This approach pays off. Despite having only a third as many social media posts last year, Harry and David had double the engagement levels. This shows that quality wins over quantity when there is an emotional connection and differentiation between your brand and the consumer.

  • Brand Humanization

Harry and David have been using Instagram Stories and 360-degree videos and animated GIFs for their core values and to shine a spotlight upon associates.

It is important to present your brand as a human-centered organization in order to build emotional connections with customers and ultimately establish relationships.

  • Dialog Creation

The final piece of the puzzle is allowing consumers to comment on what you share. Engage, invite feedback and encourage comments. This is where social media channels come in handy – whether it’s Instagram feeds or Facebook posts. Farabaugh says, “Life is better when it’s shared among others.”


Each year, I promise myself that I will slow down and enjoy the holidays. Then, things get hectic and stress sets in and I feel overwhelmed again. This year, I’m not overwhelmed! I intend to have a great Holiday season, simplify my life and let go of things that don’t matter.

Although I love to be in the kitchen cooking and creating, I am so busy during the holidays with all the fun activities and extras.

Harry and David Gourmet offer gourmet options that are elegant and easy for everyday entertaining. This takes the stress out of making delicious food and serving it at holiday parties. It’s great that you can prepare items ahead of time so you have ready options for any holiday events. I put together a dinner party that included a make-yourself ham and turkey feast as well as the best charcuterie, cheese boards, and a maple pumpkin layer dessert.

I love food and holiday traditions. Harry and David Gourmet offers a wide range of premium products that you can share, enjoy, and enjoy.

Their selection is affordable and can be customized to fit any budget, with prices ranging from $10 up to $400. This is a great way for holiday gifts, gourmet food, and to help alleviate the stress of holiday season.

Family time and the enjoyment of the holiday season are priorities to me. I’m always happy to find products that make me feel less stressed and give me more joy when it matters most.

Harry and David is America’s top choice for gourmet gifts, from gift baskets of premium quality to fresh fruits and baked goods. The brand was preparing for Mother’s Day 2021. It wanted to engage customers with a campaign that focused on mother figures and how Harry and David could help them celebrate.

The brand saw a chance to connect with streamers during busy Mother’s Day season and decided to launch a series. It used a strategic approach that included TV streaming as an integral part of its overall Mother’s Day marketing campaign. Harry and David focused on reaching the right audience at just the right moment, so they enlisted Roku’s help to target key audiences via the streaming platform.