8 Trips of a Lifetime “Vision Travel”

By: GeraldOchoa

What are the top 8 Trips of a Lifetime you must take? Vision Vision travel can make your Dream a reality.

  1. Take a World Cruise and Set Sail Vision travel

A majority of major cruise lines offer a world cruise, and they are a great value. You can circumnavigate the globe by unpacking once. This is something you should add to your bucket list. These cruises go quickly Vision travel, and the best staterooms are often gone.

  1. Stay in a Polynesian Overwater Bungalow

It’s the ultimate tropical getaway dream. It’s a paradise of coral reefs, idyllic lagoons and Instagram-worthy bungalows high above it all. Vision travel tip: Is there an anniversary? Plan now for your anniversary. Talk to your advisor to establish a budget. Celebrate in style

  1. Discover Italy’s’ Amalfi Coast Vision travel

It is simply too beautiful to be described in words. We recommend renting a convertible to cruise from one boutique hotel to the next on its rugged coastline.

  1. Take a splash in the Greek Islands

The Aegean is home to most of Greece’s 600 islands. They have been a popular honeymoon destination for many years. You can take a cruise to the islands, or you can book a few days on one or more of them for a more intimate experience.

  1. Photograph the “Big Five”.

An African safari is incomplete without the Big Five: the elephant, rhino, cape buffalo and leopard. There are many photo opportunities on every safari. This safari is a great choice for amateur photographers.

  1. The Northern Lights are a sight to behold

Bright dancing lights like the aurora borealis are actually caused by collisions between solar-charged particles. These solar flares can be seen best from late August through March at northern latitudes close to the Arctic Circle. Virtuoso recommended Canadian musicians Neil Young and The Tragically Hip to be the perfect background music.

  1. Galapagos Islands: Commune with Nature

Follow Darwin’s steps if you wish. Jody Fox, Virtuoso Vision travel Advisor, shares her thoughts on the archipelago off Ecuador’s coast.

“The Galapagos’ one-on-one interactions with wildlife gives you a unique sense of the natural world that you won’t find anywhere else.”

8. Vacation with multiple generations of your family

Vision travel is very conscious of the importance to spend time with your family. This is especially important when there are many families spread throughout the country. Without making sure that everyone’s needs are met, this dream can easily turn into a nightmare.