Sephora Travel Sizes: Products are Beauty’s

By: GeraldOchoa

The new Sephora travel sizes isn’t about TSA guidelines or gimmicks. It’s about new ways to use products. We can finish them before they expire, and we can take them with us on our ever-changing mobile lives. Julie Bell, executive vice president of global marketing for Benefit Cosmetics, says that travel size is now a standard part of beauty. It allows women to test out products they may not otherwise buy, and it requires minimal investment. We often see women purchasing the smaller size for their home and the larger size for their purses. Everybody is always on the move, so travel-sized makeup solves many beauty problems.

The rise in travel-sized items is due to mobility. You can buy a few travel-sized items at a fraction the cost of regular-Sephora travel sizes  ones and keep them in your purse, car, or desk for touch-ups or application on-the-go. Julie Fredrickson is the founder of Stowaway Beauty. She launched six products this February, each weighing approximately one ounce. “Our lives are changing so much. More people are freelancing and don’t go to work as often as they used to. It’s not the same as doing your makeup at home. Because women are mobile, beauty is more mobile.

Women are also more mobile and are better educated than men. They are aware that they have the power to decide what and how they shop. The trend towards smaller beauty products has been fueled by simplicity, convenience, and high quality. Fredrickson says that it is difficult for people to believe that the beauty industry made mistakes when it comes to the size of traditional products. It’s possible that this will become the norm in 10 to 15 year. Women will be able to have less and more value in the industry.

Because women are mobile, beauty is more Sephora travel Sizes

Sephora’s travel size stores have experienced a significant increase in sales and interest in travel-sized beauty products. They even changed their Beauty To Go section to Beauty On The Fly in order to make it easier for shoppers to navigate the various categories and the selection. Beth Hayes (VP of Merchandising, Sephora Travel Sizes Collection), says that the travel-sized beauty industry is booming at Sephora because of two reasons. Our clients need to be able take their favorite products along with them on their travels to ensure they are comfortable and can keep their routine. The second reason minis are so popular–particularly in prestige–is that it allows our client to try a product without making a full-size commitment. Miniatures are safe and allow you to test new products. Not everyone will be willing to buy a full-size product.

Hayes states that the most popular travel-sized categories at Sephora are makeup applicators and masks. Bumble & bumble don’t blow it 2oz, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner mini version, Fresh Sugar Lip Petites and Make Up for Ever Mist & Fix 1.00oz are the top-selling products.