Visions Health: Leaders

By: GeraldOchoa

You can apply for a job by following the link. Contact us if you’ve ever worked at Visions Health to find out if you need to submit a new application.

Visions Health leaders form the backbone for our successful Gap and teen community service programs. For our Gap and international community services program summer jobs, we are looking for exceptional people who can be hardworking, principled, and pragmatic decision-makers. Leader teams include people who respect other cultures and have good judgment and can be positive role models for Gap students and teenagers. Teachers, students from graduate programs, Peace Corps Volunteers who have returned, adventurers, carpenters, and outdoor educators are all examples of typical teams.

Visions Health leaders are team players first and foremost. The Program Director is part of the 1 to 4 or 5 leader/student ratio. Health places leaders where they are most qualified, while also considering complementary leadership styles to ensure a well-rounded group.

Visions Health leaders tend to be in their mid-20s to 30s. Our minimum age is 22 for high school and middle-school programs and 26 for Gap programs. There is no upper age limit. One junior leader may be an alumni of Visions Health or has special medical or construction credentials. This makes them an ideal addition to our diverse team. Leaders are eligible for a pay stipend and round-trip travel to the site of the program. They also receive meals / lodging.

  • It is challenging, hard work and rewarding to lead a Visions Health summer service program.

Your team and you are responsible for creating a safe, fun, engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable experience for teenagers from all over the world. As their role model, you will help them to process the experience and make it successful in line with Visions Health core values. You must be sensitive to cultural differences, flexible, patient and kind, as well as hard-working.

Health leaders are responsible for sustaining many years of programs at our locations. Health is a fixture in these communities and they look forward to Visions Health coming back year after year. Your role as a positive ambassador and upholding our reputation with the host communities is essential. Respect and consideration for cultural norms will be required of you and you must follow certain guidelines during the program.

Depending on where the program is located, employment lasts between 6-10 weeks from June to August. Participants receive 7-10 days on-site training prior to arriving.


* Minimum age 22

* CPR and First Aid certified before the program starts

*All trip leaders must undergo a background check immediately after being offered a job

* Language immersion programs require fluent or conversational Spanish or French


* Work with teens

* Skills in carpentry

* Experience in Lifeguarding

* Experience in farming

* EMT, WFR, and other advanced medical training