By: GeraldOchoa

Picasso Travel, Inc. is an airline Consolidator (wholesaler), in business since 1979. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, and has offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, and San Francisco. Picasso Travel has more than 50 contracts with international and domestic carriers that allow Picasso Travel to sell tickets for every major destination.

Picasso Travel is fully automatized with PATHEO and SABRE computers. Picasso Travel serves over 12000 travel agents across the United States. There are over 120 employees who speak 24 languages and employ over 120 people. Picasso Travel is a leading wholesaler of airline tickets in the United States. Apart from its air products, Picasso Travel also has a tour section that includes Nordique Tours/Norvista & Splendida Italia, which sells tours to Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States.

This table shows the average proffered wage for labor certifications for green cards and labor conditions applications for H-1B Visa from 2011 to 2019. To calculate the average salary, we take the median of the wage range used in an application.

This page shows the average salary for labor condition applications for H-1B Visa, and labor certifications for green cards filed by Travel between 2001 and 2001. All wages reported in hours, weeks or months have been converted into an annual salary.

The Immigration and Nationality Act stipulates that foreign workers hired must not have a negative effect on the wages and working conditions of comparable U.S. workers. The regulations of the Department of Labor require that foreign workers receive wages equal to the current wage rate for their occupational category in order to comply with the statute.

Travel, an American employer, must confirm that it will not pay less than (a. the actual wage level paid by all other employees at the site with comparable experience and qualifications and (b. the prevailing wage in the occupation area of the intended employment). The guaranteed income is the salary, and bonuses and benefits are not included.

Picasso Travel offers Transatlantic Flights and Packages to Europe

  • Particular focus on:
  • Transatlantic flights
  • Long-haul flights from South Pacific countries, Australia, Asia and Latin America
  • Package tours to Turkey, Italy and Greece.

Picasso Travel is a global consolidator with over 40 years experience. They cover multiple long-haul routes. It has several tour operators that offer travel packages to Turkey and Central Europe. AERTiCKET is the largest European air consolidator, headquartered in Berlin (Germany), and also offers other European destinations.

Travel agencies can access exclusive offers via Cockpit, the company’s booking engine that links with Sabre, Amadeus and other GDS systems.